Change of Metrical Length in Until it Sleeps Ex 2

It is transposed to E minor and reconstructed to become the chorus riff.  The first nine eighth notes of the phrase, which include the i – VII progression, are transposed verbatim.  However, the rest of the verse riff is excluded and replaced by new material, an ascent to vii-dim followed by the tonic.  The substitution of this new material shortens the length of the riff to a single 6/4 measure (i.e. six beats).



Though the metrical length is changed, the duple feel of the 4/4 meter of the original riff is preserved; it simply is perceived as a riff in 4/4 plus a 2/4 measure. In this variation, the usage of the vii-dim – i pattern at the end of the progression helps to round off the riff by bringing it to a completed cadence.

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